Our Holland Lops

Our Does

Rose Farms’ Lily This is our beautiful Lily. She is a solid black tort. Lily is the sweetest bunny. Thank you to Rose Farms Rabbitry for such a lovely bunny.
Feathered and Furry Foto Farm’s Rory This is our blue doe, Rory. Rory can be shy and reserved at first but if you feed her her favorite treat, oats, she will really open up to you.

Our Bucks

Feathered and Furry Foto Farm’s Leo Our orange buck, Leo, is a very sweet and energetic bunny. In the morning he will be waiting at his door for someone to cuddle with him. He much prefers a head-rub over any food.
Hunny Bunny’s Piglet Piglet is our black tort buck, the son of Rose Farm’s Lily. Piglet is our little hay eater and will do anything for hay. Unlike most his favorite treat is not oats but rather hay.
Hunny Bunny’s Charlie Charlie is a cream buck and is the son of Rory. He is such a natural poser until I pull the camera out. He is very camera shy and always looks around for a camera as I am posing him. He is such a loving little bun.