For Sale

Buns on this page are now available for reservation. Please email us with your request. Read our sales policy before requesting to reserve.

All of these bunnies are very social, gentle and love attention because they are handled daily and have been handled since day 1. They are almost fully litter trained (minus those pesky little stragler poops) and since they have been out of the litter box there have been no pee accidents on their solid floors.


Rory our blue doe had this litter on 9/12/18. They are available for reservation now and will be available for pickup on 11/07/18.

orange buck — $150 (deposit of $75)

** SOLD** cream doe #1

**we are keeping this cutie** cream doe #2

**RESERVED** opal buck — $150 (deposit of $75)

**RESERVED** opal doe — $150 (deposit of $75)


UPDATED on 11/10/18