The Rabbitry

Hello everyone!!

My name is Caroline and I am 18. Together my mom, Mary, and I are running our family rabbitry, Hunny Bunny, at our home in Wisconsin. We both love rabbits and we raise Holland Lops. The two of us like Hollands because of their sweet temperament and cuddly personality. We enjoying caring for the bunnies and letting them run and play.

My first rabbit was a Dutch rabbit named Pippa. She is a sweet little girl but we found that the Holland Lops are even sweeter. I was so excited to breed her after I got her, and I did, but she had a difficult  experience with her delivery. Therefore, we got more bunnies so I could still breed bunnies, but we are sticking to breeding Holland Lops. Pippa is now just a pet and not a breeding bunny.

When my mom was younger she bred and raised rabbits. She has experience breeding English Spot and Dutch. My mom started breeding rabbits around the age of 10. She would breed them, keep some baby bunnies and give some away to classmates who wanted a bunny. She had experience breeding rabbits when she was younger, so she has really helped me learn. It is also fun for her because it reminds her of her childhood and of her love for bunnies.

We love all of our rabbits dearly. We consider them all to be pets (even the ones we are breeding). My mom and I hold them, pet them, and let them hop around every day. Together we take great care of our buns so that they remain extremely social and gentle.

Thanks for supporting us as we go on this journey with our Rabbitry.

Caroline and Mary

Certified by the American Rabbit Breeders Association as Hunny Bunny Wisconsin